Meet the founder


My name is Victoria and I am the creator and founder of Tidal Swimwear. I was born and raised in the heart of London. From a very young age my family and I would travel through most our school holidays. An instant love and obsession for travel and the ocean was truly embedded in me. Due to being away so much my two younger sisters and I seemed to be on a constant and rather impossible mission to find beautiful swimwear that both wouldn’t just last that one holiday and be relatively affordable. This is how Tidal was born, I saw a gap in a rather overcrowded market. My mission was to make swimwear for the all year round traveller and to abide by the following needs of that woman –

Being made in the UK enables me to be there through out the making of our pieces ensuring my desired quality. To be sustainable and look after our planet. To last for the holidays, long weekends, summers and spa days for all the years to come. To hold you in in all the correct places and allow each pieces to mould to your body. To empower you when you wear Tidal, to feel confident and good about yourself, wherever you may be in this vast and exciting planet.

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Why we chose to manufacture here in the U.K

We are so proud to make all of our products here in the U.K (Dorset, Poole). It is a little town located in the south east of England right by the sea side. The art of true craftsmanship and skill is truly explored in our factory. We have wonderful women with years of extensive experience in textile manufacturing, but most importantly that are treated and paid fairly. It is truly inspiring to watch the handling of each piece of Tidal Swimwear with such care and precision. Assembling the two layers of premium recycled Italian cloth, along with the large statement ties and finishing with our signature trim. It is magical to see the formation of a wearable art piece.

Without having to fly multiple times or send samples and stock via air freight back and forth Tidal Swimwear is able to massively reduce our carbon footprint as a brand by manufacturing here in the U.K.

We have also now reached a level with our manufacture where a relationship and friendship has been formed. They want to support us as much as we want to support them. Our minimums get smaller allowing us to be the slow fashion brand we want to be. We ensure that any left over materials, trims or threads will be reused or recycled accordingly.

Truly thought provoking articles – Fast fashion pollution and social issues caused by the fashion industry.

An unforgettable beach I have travelled to in the last 12 months…

It has to be Tulum. I met so many gorgeous and interesting people; open minded and fun! The long sandy beach offers a collective mix of a unique selection of modern and rustic hotel resorts with hip yoga vibes. Love it!

The next beach on my bucket list is…

The Maldives; the idea of sleeping above the crystal blue waters would be dreamy!  Living amongst nature is so romantic. I also want to visit the Philippines.  With lots of small islands to visit, I imagine seeing the real Filipino life style, untouched by tourism.  I am a big fan of diving so this part of the world offers some of the best diving adventures. Always ready to explore somewhere new!

I hope you can join us and help us make a difference!

If you are already a tidal girl, thank you so much and welcome to the team X